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ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, formerly Loading Dock Systems, offers full service to our Architect, Developer, and Design-Build customers. Our strength is knowing the application and optimizing the loading dock. Our planning standards cover the most in-depth criteria of the customers business, environment, and traffic conditions to utilize the proper loading dock and door equipment. Our PriorityOne Specified Equipment Program allows you, the customer to have a hands-on effort in specifying the design and selection of the dock equipment and specialty doors for your project. We assist you in determining the needed specifications to get the best equipment for your specialized application. We start by focusing on the basics:

    • VolumeDock Design Services
    • Weights
    • Traffic Type
    • Safety Preferences/Requirements
    • Approach
    • Industry
    • Affiliations/Inspections

We then take a step-by-step approach to explain each product that fits your needs, desires, and even your budget! Our sales and project managing staff will not only present the recommended equipment, but they will give you a first hand look at how it operates, and benefits you. After reviewing the products that fit your application, we accumulate the following specs:

    • Base Specification
    • Stage2 Specification
    • Stage3 Specification

Base Specification: This usually consists of the basic equipment that fits the criteria taken during our onsite survey. Generally the base includes mechanical equipment with a minimal look at automation and safety equipment. Although, some customers either request automated equipment in the base specification, or their application requires it.

Stage2 Specification: Stage2 gives your dock a safer, faster, and more cost-effective stage of equipment. Generally the Stage2 spec includes pieces of equipment that are more automated, have fewer moving parts, and/or create a higher level of safety. This also includes equipment carrying longer warranties and higher energy savings!

Stage3 Specification: Stage3 enables your dock to be the ultimate in: safety, productivity, energy efficiency, and maximum low cost of ownership. The Stage3 spec includes pieces of equipment from Stage2, with added features to enhance safety, eliminate human error, and create a maintenance free environment. Usually we find customers are happiest with a projects end result knowing all safety hazards have been engineered out!

All that is left is to build your specifications!

Enter the project knowing it will be built with your total needs/preferences in mind:

    • Ensure Proper Capacities
    • Ensure Proper Energy Savings
    • Ensure No Short-Cuts