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Planned Maintenance for Loading Dock Systems

Planned Maintenance for Loading Dock Systems

March 2, 2015

Loading Dock Systems & Planned Maintenance

Like most equipment, the need for service and inspections are likely. At LDS, we make those needs our priority. Consider the impact your loading dock equipment has on on your business. Now consider, what would happen if that equipment fails?Lost Time = Lost Profit + Higher Repair Cost

We Take it One Step Further:

Capital Equipment Management

LDS will offer “Post PM” quotes to help you understand the urgent matters as well as offer future needs. This gives you insight on how to plan for Capital Equipment, how to address equipment abuse if applicable, and finally how to make effective changes with your equipment.

We Cover All the Bases:

Reduce Costs

It is more cost-effective to use minimal supplies in keeping a system in great operating condition than to invest in equipment replacement or extensive parts lists as minor failures cascade into major malfunctions.


Planning maintenance sessions allows repairs to take place around your schedule. This prevents downtime during your busiest throughput. More time managing production and less time dealing with the consequences of system failures. 

Increase Equipment Life

Equipment that is well-cared for will last longer. These minor service repairs will increase the life of equipment and offer better service to the process in which they serve.

Prevent Employee Downtime

If you’re faced with equipment failure, the production of the company will come to a standstill until shipments or production are rerouted. Preventive maintenance helps keep the company running smoothly without undue interruption.

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