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LDS’s High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan series is designed to provide facilities with an energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling and heating solution. High Volume Low Speed fans move large volumes of air at low speeds over very large areas. The fan blades produce a massive column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating a deep “horizontal floor jet” that ultimately circulates air up vertically and gets drawn back through the top of the fan.

The result is more consistent temperature control, improved airflow/circulation and improved energy efficiency. In cooler months, the HVLS fan operates in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level and creating a warmer and consistent mix of air throughout the facility (referred to as “destratification”).

Energy Guard™

ENERGY GUARDTM provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler and blocks dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevents energy loss. The innovative design closes off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls – typically missed by traditional weather seal or under-leveler seals attached to the front of the dock leveler. ENERGY GUARD prevents the mass flow of air, minimizing the transfer of heat and energy into and out of the facility.


Loading Dock Systems offers a full line of weather-seal that can be applied to your door, dock leveler, or between the two. LDS assists in controlling energy and passing the inspections given by associations such AIB.FDA. & USDA along with other audits.


LED Dock Lights

LED dock lights save a significant amount of energy compared to traditional incandescent lights, without sacrificing lighting performance while significantly reducing utility, maintenance and replacement costs.LED Dock Lights

LED Communication Light Upgrade

    • – LED Replacements available for lights both inside and outside
    • – 12-Volt
    • – 24-Volt
    • – 110-Volt