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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered technology is a common tool used for heavy lifting in the mining, building and construction industries, and our Air Bag Dock Leveler utilizes this technology to provide proven, long-term, reliable service on the loading dock every day. Compared to mechanical dock levelers, the Air Bag Dock Leveler is safer and far easier to operate. To raise, simply push a button. There’s no back-wrenching pulling of chains, walking down the deck and, best of all, no springs or hold-down to repair or replace.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock levelers are designed for fast, easy and safe push-button operation, and LDS offers the best in the industry. Standard features like premier lug-style lip hinges, simplified hydraulics, internal velocity fuses and modified open frame designs make Kelley hydraulic dock levelers the preferred equipment choice.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

LDS offers the industry’s best features in its cost-effective mechanical dock leveler. Premium features such as single point adjustment main springs and integral maintenance struts make our mechanical dock levelers your best choice, and our mechanical levelers are warranted to be one of the best investments you can make to enhance dock safety and productivity.

Power Assisted Dock Levelers

Power-Assisted Levelers provide the ultimate reliability and flexibility in today’s fast-moving loading dock environment. The PAL is ideal for customers whose workloads demand more performance than a mechanical leveler can deliver. Our power-assisted dock leveler is simple to operate, reduces downtime and provides higher operational efficiency to provide the perfect balance of power and performance.

Unlike mechanicals with a powerful upward bias, the PAL utilizes a hydraulic power-pack assembly and counterbalance assist to produce a slight downward bias. By eliminating pull-chain hold-down mechanisms, adjustable lip extensions and the necessity to walk down decks, the PAL eliminates the physical demands required to operate mechanical levelers.

The PAL also eliminates stump-out using a patented sensor roller that rides along a reinforced cam surface, providing fluid free-float motion while also adding a measure of free-fall protection in the event of premature trailer separation.

Vertical Dock Levelers

Maintaining a clean, efficient warehouse environment is critical for a growing number of companies operating climate-controlled facilities. Vertical Dock Levelers directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness, allowing you to take control of your warehouse.

Load Hog® Modular Dock-bridge

For years, warehousing operations have been asking for a better solution for their loading dock needs than edge-of-dock levelers, portable plates and many types of mechanical pit-styled dock levelers can provide.

The LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer. It mounts to the warehouse floor using only four heavy duty anchor bolts and requires no concrete work. The bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper.

Load Hog® Modular Dock-bridgeLoad Hog® Modular Dock-bridge

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Dock and In-Plant Lifts

LDS offers a complete line of lift products to provide strong, dependable, cost-effective lifting solutions for virtually any application. Hulk Dock Lifts make your loading docks 100% accessible, allowing you to move products safely and easily. Hulk In-Plant Lift Products increase productivity, profitability and employee safety by effectively automating a variety of simple tasks and bringing the work to the worker.

Dock Impact Barrier

  • – Reduces dock accidents caused by fork trucks, pallet jacks, or pedestrians falling off the dock when the door is open

  • – Provides physical and visual barrier to dock with its unique yellow webbing

  • – Operates manually with a gate-style barrier

  • – Prevents accidents whether the door is open or closed

Specialty Seals and Shelters

Our specialty seal and shelter products are tailored to the customers specific application. From providing a shelter that flexes on impact to preventing water run-off from trailers with the Aqua-Shield, Loading Dock Systems provides a solution to the problem.


Our dock seals provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading docks safe and efficient while maintaining a sound, climate-controlled environment.

Best of all, our seals feature ultra-durable “TufSteel®” framing for years of reliable performance.

LDS offers special models that are specific to application. Models such as V-seal, Adjustable, and “L” Pad make our seals the choice product for End-Users!


LDS’s dock shelters will help keep the elements out while providing full, unimpeded trailer access for a safe and productive loading dock. Our dock shelters create a tight seal between the building wall and the back of the truck. They effectively keep the outside elements out of the warehouse, providing energy savings and added comfort for your employees. The compressible foam side frame prevents damage from off-centered trailers.

Wheel Restraints

For trucks with lift gates, damaged rear impact guards, or those without rear impact guards, conventional restraints just won’t work. That’s why LDS offers reliable wheel restraints to secure virtually any truck or trailer configuration, assuring safe, efficient loading dock operations.

Ask your LDS rep about our new MLSC, manual surface chock!

Vehicle Restraints

One of the most common causes of dock accidents are trailers which are not properly secured before loading. We offer a full line of trailer restraints and automatic wheel restraints that can make loading and unloading all kinds of trailers safer for your workforce.


LDS has a variety of service parts for the major dock leveler and restraint manufacturers, as well as universal parts to service virtually all dock leveler brands. In addition we offer various aftermarket products including Safety & Lighting Products, Energy Saving Products, Protective Systems, APS-2000T Trailer Restraint, Levelers & Portable Plates, Planned Maintenance, Conversion Kits, Upgrade Opportunities.

Ramps & Portable Plates

Yard Ramps, Wheel Risers and Portable Plates are a practical and economical solution for low to medium traffic docks or for applications with non-standard freight handling needs.

LDS’s Protective Systems

Eliminate avoidable costly repairs to your building, stationary plant equipment and fixtures, in your warehouse and at your loading dock.

Loading Dock Systems offers:

Sentry Rail High visibility and structural integrity provide needed protection throughout your facility.

Trak-Sentry & Z-Guard Your solution to overhead door track repairs caused by lift trucks during loading.

Bollards offer protection for loading docks, door jams and other in-plant areas susceptible to a moving vehicle collision.

Column Protectors stop serious structural damage to I-beams and columns from lift truck impacts.

Bumpers provide maximum protection against vehicle damage to the dock leveler, building walls, restraint and seals/shelters.

Wheel Guide directs the truck into the correct position at your dock.

Visual Barriers provide an ecnomical alternative to enhance loading dock safety.

Section SaverTM stops overhead doors from drifting down into the door opening and into the way of the forklift masts.

Security Gates secure receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entrance ways without sacrificing visibility or air circulation.